Responsibly Managing Resources

Provide patients with high-quality, affordable health care. A simple statement that becomes increasingly challenging in today’s dynamic health care environment. To lead with purpose on this front naturally means having the clinical expertise and advancements to diagnose and treat patients, but it also means thinking and acting strategically to ensure sustainability in the long run. In 2012, Aurora made significant strides in several of areas.

Care Management

Aurora Health Care is a national leader in identifying, developing and implementing best practices in clinical improvement and disease management. In 2012, Aurora analyzed the effect of twenty-five specific initiatives involving more than 1,400 Aurora physicians. These care management initiatives helped patients take an active role in their disease management and at the same time saved the community more than $33 million in medical expenses.

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Cost and Quality

In 2012, Aurora was recognized for its work on lowering health care costs. The August Newsletter of HCTrends, an affiliate of health care cost research and consulting firm BSG Solutions, reported that health care costs in southeastern Wisconsin are now in line with national and Midwestern costs. Aurora was cited as being among the leaders in lowering costs and as a primary driver of reducing them to near the national average. In October, the same group evaluated cost efficiency and clinical quality measures for southeastern Wisconsin health care systems. Again, Aurora received high praise and was noted as the only system in the region to achieve high quality measures and high efficiency scores.