Every Patient Deserves the Best Care

In 2012, Aurora cared for more than 1.2 million patients in eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Every time an Aurora caregiver meets and cares for a patient it's an opportunity to change a life.

John Beeson

Everett Beeson

John Beeson's grandson, Everett Beeson

John Beeson lives in northern Illinois. He wasn't feeling well and doctors close to home couldn't tell him what was wrong. Out of frustration and desperation his wife took him to the emergency department at Aurora Medical Center Kenosha where he was quickly admitted. A team of doctors diagnosed his advanced small cell cancer and immediately started treatment. While an inpatient, John found out that his first grandson would be born in just a few months. John's cancer care team worked hard and through an aggressive combination of chemotherapy and radiation he exceeded expectation and welcomed his grandson in late July 2012.

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Caitlyn Persinger

The summer before her senior year, Caitlyn tore her ACL. Her family was referred to an orthopedic surgeon at Aurora Medical Center Summit. After she was informed that she would have to have her ACL replaced, her mother Shelley started to ponder whether the donation from her deceased son, Chris, could help his younger sister. Chris had died in a car accident five years earlier and listed himself as an organ and tissue donor – a decision his family honored. Working with Aurora caregivers, Shelley engaged the organ and tissue community to see if any of her son's donation was still available. Less than 48 hours before Caitlyn's surgery one remaining piece of Chris' tissue was located. Recognizing how important this gift was to the family, an Aurora caregiver worked hard to secure the graft and analyze it, ensuring it was a perfect match. Caitlyn is now in college and active again in the sports she loves.

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