Community Health Research

In the summer of 2003, Aurora partnered with 30 local health departments to survey residents on their health status and habits to:

  1. Gather specific data on behavioral and lifestyle habits of the adult population. Selected information was also collected about respondent household.
  2. Gather data on the prevalence of risk factors and disease conditions existing within the adult population.
  3. Compare, where appropriate and available, health data of residents to state and national measurements.

The surveys were conducted through a grant provided by Aurora. The reports are part of a comprehensive survey of eastern Wisconsin commissioned in partnership with local health departments to identify areas of greatest need.

For details on how the survey was conducted, click hereLearn how one community is using the survey results.

Survey reports

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader you can read each report online or print them as PDF documents. If you don't have the Acrobat software, you can click here to download it.

For the full Eastern Wisconsin report, click here.