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Sheboygan cancer program receives 3-year approval with commendation

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center and the Sheboygan Regional Oncology Center located at the Vince Lombardi Cancer in Sheboygan have received a three-year approval with commendation from the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons.

“To receive a 3-year accreditation with commendation on the survey speaks to the dedication of our team who provide outstanding care and support to our cancer patients here,” said Max Haid, M.D., oncologist at Vince Lombardi. “We know that our cancer care is on par with many of the top cancer programs in the country, so it is gratifying to have a national independent review acknowledge this fact.”

A 3-year approval with commendation is achieved by approximately 56% of cancer treatment centers nationwide. Each cancer program must undergo a rigorous evaluation and review of its performance and compliance with Commission on Cancer (CoC) standards every 3 years.

Approval is granted only to those facilities that have voluntarily committed to provide the best in cancer diagnosis and treatment. A three-year approval with commendation indicates that the CoC’s review found no deficiencies within the 36 program standards it evaluates.

Participating hospitals, treatment centers and other facilities effectively demonstrate a continuum of care from prevention and early detection, pretreatment evaluation and staging, to optimal treatment, rehabilitation, surveillance for recurrent disease, support services and end-of-life care.

Receiving care at a CoC-approved cancer program ensures that a patient will have access to:

  • Comprehensive care, including a range of state-of-the-art services and equipment
  • A multispecialty, team approach to coordinate the best treatment options
  • Information about ongoing clinical trials and new treatment options
  • Access to cancer-related information, education and support
  • A cancer registry that collects data on type and stage of cancers and treatment results and offers lifelong patient follow-up
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvement of care

The Commission on Cancer is a consortium of professional organizations dedicated to improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients through standard-setting, prevention, research, education and the monitoring of comprehensive quality care.


Contact: Mark Kantola (920-451-5351)

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