The 1022 Club

The 1022 Club offers an adult day services program that is designed to promote independence in the elderly and deter the need for nursing home placement. It is a community-based center that meets the health and social needs of older adults and their families.

Adult Day CenterAvailable on an as-need basis, The 1022 Club provides flexibility and scheduling options to meet individual needs. Day Services offers a place for recreation, companionship and personal care in an environment that feels like home.

Services include:

  • Meals
  • Medication assessment
  • Nursing assessment
  • A whirlpool bath tub, or shower
  • "Reduced fare" or "cost share" transportation for our members throughout Washington County
  • Light airy interior
  • Fireplace, resting areas, computer access for members

Located within a ranch-style home, it is set on Aurora Medical Center in Washington County's campus at 1022 East Sell Drive. The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford, Inc., constructed this beautiful new facility. Transportation may be arranged by calling the county wide Shared Ride Taxi Service at (888) 285-8294.

For more information

The 1022 Club
1022 E. Sell Dr.
Phone: (262) 670-5105
Nurse: (262) 670-5198
Fax: (262) 670-5268