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Aurora at Home 2011 Annual Report

Our purpose

Aurora at Home helped the Snyder family to live well and deal with severe health challenges faced by their youngest son, Gavin.

As a part of Aurora Health Care, Aurora at Home shares a singular purpose – we help people live well. Our care serves as a bridge of support between hospital and home. We deliver quality, compassionate care so patients can have a quality of life that is so important to all of us.

Our purpose is reflected through the experiences of the Snyder family of Oconomowoc.

Three years ago, Maggie Snyder was expecting her second child. She was 32 weeks into her pregnancy when she noticed her baby's lack of movement and knew something was wrong. Tests revealed an obstruction between the baby's bladder and urethra. As a result, the obstruction and enlarged bladder caused serious damage to one kidney and impeded growth of the other one.

Less than three weeks later, Maggie was induced and baby Gavin was born. He went straight to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where he stayed for one month. Aurora at Home played a key role in Gavin's transition from the NICU to home.

Aurora at Home provided all of the supplies, training, support and equipment needed for Gavin’s around the clock home care. Within the first few weeks of caring for Gavin at home, Maggie and her husband, Shane, were grateful to the nurses who trained them to use catheters, change feeding tubes and administer shots to prevent pneumonia and other upper respiratory infections. "My mother's instinct is pretty good, but I was nervous," said Maggie, who remains grateful for the support from Aurora at Home.

Since his birth, Gavin has needed critical care at home and many surgeries. "Working with Aurora at Home to arrange delivery of supplies to our home or the hospital was always seamless. The nurses were reassuring and helpful," explained Maggie, who had one nurse's phone number memorized.

Last year, Maggie donated one of her kidneys to Gavin. The support provided through Aurora at Home continued throughout the preparation for and recovery from the transplant surgery. "It can be very overwhelming. With Aurora at Home, we learned to relax and trust them to help us. We used their knowledge to get us through each day."

Today, Gavin is an active boy who loves playing with his big brother, Owen. He continues to thrive despite his complex medical needs.