Hospice residence

zilbarAlthough home hospice is an ideal choice for many patients, it may not be the best option for some. In cases where there is no caregiver, or the caregiver has become weary and fatigued, a hospice residence can be the answer.

Aurora at Home has a comfortable inpatient facility where compassionate care is delivered in a secure and home-like setting to patients who cannot be cared for at home or simply prefer not to be. The facility is designed specifically for the unique needs of hospice patients and their families.

Family Stories from the Aurora at Home Zilber Hospice

The Aurora Zilber Family Hospice

The recently opened 18-bed Aurora Zilber Family Hospice residence provides a continuous care option for those in need of pain and symptom management, and spiritual and psychosocial support at end-of-life. This homelike setting offers large patient suites that accommodate overnight stays for family or friends, outdoor patios and courtyards, family lounges, a meditation space, library and solarium. In addition, the carefully chosen furnishings help create an atmosphere where the physical environment supports the caring work of volunteers and staff.

The Aurora Zilber Family Hospice is the only facility in the metro Milwaukee area to provide care and support for children at the end of life.

Aurora Zilber Family Hospice
[ Directions | learn more ]
1155 Honey Creek Parkway
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Phone: 414-615-5900

Hospice suites

Aurora at Home has also established specialty Hospice Suites at Aurora Lakeland Medical Center and Memorial Hospital of Burlington to care for patients needing an inpatient level of care. These suites have been made possible through local community fundraising efforts.

Aurora at Home Hospice Suite in Aurora Lakeland Medical Center
[ Directions ]
W3985 County Road NN
Elkhorn, WI 53121
(262) 812-1304

Aurora at Home Hospice Suite in Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington
[ Directions ]
252 McHenry Street
Burlington, WI 53105
(262) 763-3424

Hospice services for children

The Aurora at Home Hospice Program in collaboration with Children's Hospital of Wisconsin has pediatric specialists trained to provide comfort care to children of all ages. Through the expertise of the interdisciplinary pediatric hospice team, children and their families will receive the care and compassion needed to make the best of every day.

In the Milwaukee area, if a child is unable to remain at home, we provide services through Children's Hospital and the Aurora Zilber Family Hospice. For children outside the Metro area, care options may be available through local facilities.