Just one bite...

Those innocent bites and nibbles you take while cooking, to clean up that last scrap, and those you take without thinking, can really add up. Eliminate many of those extra calories and you may find you really can enjoy more of the foods you feel you just "can't eat."

Take a look at how many calories actually are in those bites and how they can add up:

One bite of...

Has this many calories

Mashed potatoes 23
Candied sweet potatoes 50
Bread stuffing 75
Ham 60
Onion dip 30
Clam dip 50
Gravy 65
Cranberry sauce 50
Mince pie 75
Pecan pie 115
Apple pie 72
Turkey breast 40
Cheddar cheese 55
Almond – one nut 6
Total calories 786