Compounded Medicine for Individualized Disease Management

Commonly compounded products may be right for your patients

At Aurora Pharmacy, we understand not all patients need the same types and dosages of medication. Sometimes the most effective way to provide optimal medication therapy is through customization of medication dosage and/or form. This customization is called compounding. We offer compounded medicine for individualized disease management. When we receive physician-prescribed orders, we combine pure chemicals to develop drug formulations that can be uniquely created for each patient.

Benefits of compounding


Our staff is specially trained to mix, prepare and package customized medications with your patients’ safety and the efficacy of their treatments in mind. Our personalized pharmaceutical care provides:

  • Dosing of medication to accommodate individual patient needs
  • Optimal formulation of products
  • Combinations and strengths of medications not commercially available
  • Combinations of multiple medications into singles doses (not available with all drugs)
  • The possibility of changing medication form so it may be easier for the patient to take, for example:
    • We can often create a suspension liquid when a patient has difficulty taking pills
    • We can sometimes create a suppository or sublingual form of a medication if your patient has difficulty with keeping medication down
  • Develop allergy-free formulations by changing or removing some inactive ingredients
  • Deliver these compounded medications to your patient’s home


  • Prescriptions can be dropped off at and picked up from any Aurora Pharmacy
  • We can mail prescriptions directly to patients ($5 fee)
  • Most prescriptions can be ready in 2 to 4 business days
  • We price prescriptions competitively
  • We can provide price quotes in advance

Commonly compounded medications

We have experience compounding many medications. Some of the more commonly compounded medications include:

Hormone therapy

  • Estradiol
  • Testosterone* (with and without chrysin)
  • Progesterone (capsules or suppositories)
  • Thyroid medications

*Patients using testosterone run the possible risk of heart attacks and strokes. Patients using testosterone should seek medical attention immediately if symptoms of a heart attack or stroke are present, such as: Chest pain, shortness of breath or trouble breathing, weakness in one part or one side of the body, slurred speech.

Pain management

Topical agents – prepared individually or in combination

  • Diclofenac
  • Ketoprofen
  • Ibuprofen
  • Gabapentin
  • Lidocaine
  • Ketamine
  • Diclofenac (in PLO gel)
  • Diltiazem cream


  • 4-amino pyridine


  • Naltrexone (low-dose capsule or solution)
  • CDI wart gel
  • Budesonide gel
  • DMSA chelation capsule
  • Omeprazole / lansoprazole suspensions
  • LCD cream or ointment
  • Nipple cream
  • Diaper/chaffing cream

Our skilled compounding pharmacists have the ability to create many other products to suit your patients’ needs. Please contact us to inquire. You may call the pharmacy at 262-763-7177 or the compounding lab at 262-763-5964.

Limitations of Aurora Pharmacy compounding

  • We do not compound sterile products.
  • We do not compound products that are commercially available in the same form.

What your patients need to know

  • Compounded medications often are not covered by insurance plans, so patients may be responsible for paying full price.
  • Because many compounded products are prepared in Burlington, Wis., your patients should expect to wait 2 to 4 business days for medications to arrive at their local pharmacy or before they are ready to be shipped via mail.

How to order on a patients' behalf

If you'd like to order compounded medications for your patient, you can do so by using one of the methods below:

Fax, call, e-script or mail orders to:

Aurora Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy
210 S. Pine St.
Burlington, WI 53105
262-763-9860 (Pharmacy fax)
262-763-7698 (Compounding lab fax)

For patients who want to order

If you'd like to order compounded medications for yourself, you can do so by using one of the methods below:

  1. Call us we will call your doctor or other pharmacy that is filling your RX now
  2. Bring your RX in to any Aurora Pharmacy. You can pick it up locally or have it mailed
  3. Have your doctor send it to us or call it in
  4. Call for more information at 262-763-7177

Contact us

If you have any questions about dosing or additional products, call:

  • Pharmacy at 262-763-7177
  • Compounding lab at 262-763-5964

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