DischargeRx program

Get your prescriptions filled at Aurora Pharmacy before you leave the hospital.

DischargeRx fast facts

  • You or a family member can conveniently pick up your prescriptions before you leave the hospital. We have Aurora Pharmacies located in most of the Aurora medical centers.
  • You will leave the hospital with the correct medications. Our pharmacists have easy access to your inpatient medical team and medical record.
  • You will know the reason that you are taking each of your medications. A pharmacist will talk with you about all your medications; including any that may have been added, discontinued or changed since you first entered the hospital.
  • You can obtain refills at an Aurora Pharmacy closer to your home, or sign up for the Automatic Refill Program and have them mailed directly to your home.
  • Payment is required upon pickup for all prescriptions.

Whether following an extended hospital stay or an outpatient procedure, most patients are eager to return home. The DischargeRx program can provide comfort, reassurance and convenience. Aurora Pharmacy welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your family to support your health and well-being.

Quality, coordinated care

The pharmacists, doctors and nurses of Aurora Health Care work together to coordinate your care, ensuring a seamless transition home.

Safety and accuracy

Aurora pharmacists check every prescription for accuracy, including interactions with other drugs.

Aurora Pharmacy – Putting You First

Aurora strives to have the best pharmacies in Wisconsin how? Better service, better quality, better integration, access to medication list and chart, relationships with MD’s. Along with all of Aurora’s clinics and hospitals, our pharmacies and prescription dispensing centers put patients first – always. Come to an Aurora Pharmacy, and get the savings, care and convenience you’ve been missing.

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