Dr. Comfort and Anodyne shoes for men and women.Dr. Comfort and Anodyne Footwear

Shoes, Slippers and Socks for Diabetics

The finest quality comfort footwear is now available at Aurora Pharmacy.

Comfort can be Fashionable

The Dr. Comfort and Anodyne lines of foot products were developed to provide high quality therapeutic footwear for people with diabetes. They can also help people with arthritis, edema (swelling), neuropathy (nerve damage and pain), and circulation issues. And, of course, the Dr. Comfort and Anodyne footwear lines are great for anyone looking for comfortable shoes, socks and slippers.

The podiatrists and certified pedorthists who design the footwear know that you want to look good while taking care of your feet and legs. So, in addition to the therapeutic qualities Dr. Comfort and Anodyne products have, they’ve also been designed to be fashionable. That leaves you with quality constructed, medically superior products that look so good, you’ll actually want to wear them.

Prescription diabetes footwear can help prevent serious foot and leg complications that can arise from diabetes. Let the trained specialists at Aurora Pharmacy help you find the Dr. Comfort and Anodyne products that are right for you.

Want more good news?

Medicare and supplemental insurance plans may reimburse part or all of the cost of Dr. Comfort and Anodyne shoes for people with diabetes.

Here’s a list of Aurora Pharmacy locations that offer Dr. Comfort and Anodyne Footwear.

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