At Your Workplace

Improve the Health of Your Workplace

Keep Your Workforce Healthy and Productive.

Staffed by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, having an Aurora QuickCare Clinic on-site is a fast, convenient means of diagnosing and treating the everyday health concerns experienced by your employees.

Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

With an Aurora QuickCare Clinic on-site, your employees can be treated right away for the most common medical issues - making preventive care a reality. A healthier workforce is more productive and leads to lower health care costs for your business.

Tailored to Meet Your Company's Needs

  • You designate the number of days and hours of coverage desired.
  • No additional costs for services and supplies.
  • Staffed by qualified, experienced nurse practitioners and physician assistants.
  • No long-term contracts required.
  • Designed as a 90-day pilot program with no obligation to continue.
  • We provide special promotional materials, health and wellness information, and coaching.

Aurora QuickCare Clinics and the Greendale School District

"Not only does this service bring health care to the local level, it also saves our health plan the cost of numerous office visits. Our staff members enjoy the convenience and fast service because they don't need to travel to doctors' offices or find subs (another cost) while they are gone. As a district, this program has reduced costs and, at the same time, promoted wellness."

Erin Green
Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations
Director of Business Services for the Greendale School District


Please call Sally Vogt at 262-787-2180 to learn how an on-site Aurora QuickCare Clinic can improve the health of your workforce while lowering costs.