The Center for Senior Health and Longevity specializes in helping people age well

The physicians at the Center for Senior Health and Longevity provide an unparalleled understanding of the health concerns facing individuals as they age. With sensitivity and compassion, they provide a healing, patient-centered care setting where older adults and their families are given the guidance to make informed decisions regarding care that reflects a comprehensive approach to addressing the health needs of the whole person.

Center for Senior Health and LongevityThe Center for Senior Health and Longevity on the campus of Aurora Sinai Medical Center is an outpatient facility designed to help adults age 65 and older and their families maintain a focus on healthy living. The multidisciplinary team uses a comprehensive approach to assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning to help older adults maintain and enhance their active and independent lifestyles.

Whether facing serious chronic illness or the everyday aches and pains of aging, we help each patient achieve the highest quality of life possible. Our board-certified geriatricians will partner with your primary care physician to provide consultative services that will complement your comprehensive care. In addition, we offer primary care or can assist you in finding the most appropriate primary care provider to meet your individual needs.

Our philosophy carries over to fostering relationships with senior living communities as well as inpatient care at Aurora Sinai Medical Center. Aurora Sinai offers two inpatient specialty units: the Acute Care for the Elderly Unit (ACE), the state's first inpatient program designed to care exclusively for older adults, and through a partnership with the Wisconsin Masons, the Wisconsin Masonic ACE of Hearts Unit which caters to the needs of hospitalized older adults with heart disease.

Center for Senior Health and Longevity
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Multidisciplinary approach to care for the older adult provided by geriatric physicians and nurse practitioners of the Aurora UW Medical Group.

Center for Senior Health and LongevitySpecialty clinics

Memory Loss Assessments

Offered in collaboration with the Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute, the assessments help patients and their families understand the extent of memory loss and treatment options available. A team including a geriatrician, neuropsychologist and social worker share their expertise to provide a comprehensive assessment and plan of care.

Mobility Enhancement/Falls Assessment

Falls are more common for older adults and can result in serious health consequences. A geriatrician will do an assessment and collaborate with physical therapists and other team members to develop individualized treatment plans for patients with a history of falls.

Medication Review and Reconciliation

Individuals who have more than one specialist involved in their health care are especially at risk for medication conflicts. We review possible harmful side effects and interactions.

Urinary Continence

Loss of bladder control affects at least 10 percent of older adults and is a frustrating and embarrassing condition. We have experts on staff who can evaluate and treat urinary incontinence for older women. Treatment recommendations may include medication changes, physical therapy referral, neurological testing, urological testing or surgical intervention.

Geriatric Evaluation Management GEM

A geriatrician who specializes in older adult medicine uses a team approach and may collaborate with several specialists including a pharmacist, physical and occupational therapist, psychiatrist and nutritionist to fully assess a patient's condition and develop a plan of care to ensure each individual's needs are met.

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