Senior Resource Coordinators

Caring for an elderly spouse or parent often can be overwhelming. in Walworth County, Aurora senior resource coordinators link families to respite care, transportation and other services that help people to stay in their homes and remain as independent as possible. coordinators often collaborate with the Walworth County Department of health and Human Services.

With an increasing older population and tight budgets, it's vital for organizations to work together. If Aurora coordinators find a person in need of Meals on Wheels, they connect them to us. If we have a client who can't find a service, we link them to a coordinator.

Aurora's collaborative approach helps us to eliminate or reduce stressful situations for families. Each week we see the results of this partnership through the smile of an older person who doesn't have to worry about leaving their home or the daughter who doesn't have to fret because we've connected her parents with the right services and resources.

Lori Muzatko
Aging Division Manager, Walworth County Department of Health and Human Services