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Patient Testimonials

Meet our Patients - Diane R.

“I didn't give up my walks…
I gave up the pain!” Diane R.

It took an immense amount of pain to make Diane stop walking her pal, Checkers. So, when a back injury moved her from the sidewalk to the couch, she knew she had to do something. Following spine surgery, Diane started therapy at Aurora Sports Medicine Institute.

“My physical therapist got me up, moving, and back to my life. Once again, I'm able to take long walks with Checkers and do so much more.”

Now, two and a half mile walks are no longer a problem for Diane… and Checkers is thrilled to have his "buddy" back!

Meet Our Patients - Irv B.

“I didn't give up my toys…
I gave up the pain!” Irv B.

When Irv thought he had taken his last ride, he wasn't happy. The pain he experience just walking was almost too much to bear – trying to get on and off his bike or into his sports car was simply impossible.

After hip surgery, Irv started therapy at Aurora Sports Medicine Institute. His treatment plan combined the outstanding clinical skills of his physical therapist with Irv's determination to get back in the saddle of his motorcycle – minus the pain.

Today, Irv is always ready for a road trip. His only dilemma: The bike or the sports car?

Meet Our Patients - Jason B.

“I didn't give up my game…
I gave up the pain!” Jason B.

A member of the Milwaukee Men's Senior Baseball League, Jason loved to play baseball, until recently. The pain in his shoulder made him wonder if it was time to hang up his cleats.

After shoulder surgery, Jason started therapy at Aurora Sports Medicine Institute. His physical therapist, an overhead throwing specialist and member of our Performance Pitching & Throwing Team, worked with Jason to strengthen his shoulder – improving his delivery, boosting his confidence and eliminating his pain.

Now, back-to-back game days are not a problem for Jason… just the other team.

Meet Our Patients - Krista N.

“I didn't give up my sport…
I gave up the pain!” Krista N.

Avid volleyball player Krista used to spend every night and weekend playing in leagues and tournaments, until shoulder pain forced her to quit.

After shoulder surgery, Krista started therapy at Aurora Sports Medicine Institute. Her physical therapist, a competitive volleyball player herself, employed a two-tier rehab program with Krista to speed recovery: in-clinic therapy and a practical home-exercise program.

Within a year, Krista went from being unable to write with her right hand to being a power-server who “digs” her time on the court.